Tuesday, October 4, 2011

At Work:

Girls die to see your face everyday
You are a charmer, deserve that waiting
You bring out star’s sparkles in those waited eyes
You drive those ladies crazy

You are so unpredictable
The jokes you crack are not funny at times
No one can say, when and on what you laugh
We laugh with you forcefully sometimes

When you laugh, you make it so great
Light up all those eyes around you
Make them feel ah! You are so sweet
Make them feel oh! You are so smart

Your small twinkling eyes
Have the capacity to show thousand emotions
They tell your anger and show your smile
They grasp the whole place at a glance

Your catchy face catches ladies attention
So does your soft dressing sense
You look just right in everything you wear
Perfect clothing for your size zero figure

You walk like a cheetah, fast and soft
Talk like a musician, detailed and sweet
Eat like a bird, quick and clean
Oh! You are such a perfect man

Non-comprehendible yet sweet,
You make all hearts beat fast
Amazingly smart but difficult sometimes
Unique person, undoubtedly a sweetheart

Guess you know how to attract women
Guess you know about that advantage of yours
You use it very carefully, no one can notice
Play yourself very safe, just right

You are sun but make yourself look like moon
Bright and shiny every time
Only the ones close to you see and feel your heat, get burnt
For the rest, you are a glow in their heart.


(Dedicated to "Him" and all those girls who spoke so much about him and have inspired me to write this) I Love My Office ;)