Tuesday, January 24, 2012


As the sun sets, light dims, stars twinkle
As the full moon emerges from the other end
As the high tides wash away our sand castle
I look at the remaining ruins of our castle
And think, what good memories

Such enthusiasm I had this morning
Plan was to spend a whole day with you
On the beach, playing with the waves and rocks
It was a dream picnic spot for anybody
Plan was to just have some time for life

We built such beautiful and detailed castle
I was the Princess and you were the King
Our story went on and on for the whole day
With no watch, mobile or laptop around
We lost the count of time, we forgot the tick-tock

You left just before the sunset, time had passed
I stood watching you disappear in to darkness
Still wanting to know when can we do this again
Waves got rough and destroyed our castle
I am dragging myself home, carrying "memories"


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