Monday, January 30, 2012

Please let us live by our terms

When we were kids you introduced us to the society
Told us what is right and what is wrong
Told us how a family is built and how it works
Made us believe in love, marriage and things like that
We took your advice and walked our steps
Brought together by love, united by marriage

We are a family now, only we two
Though part of a your families, we are on our own
We make rules, as follow them or break
We live the life we wanted, the way we like
Still in line with the rules of the society

Why do you poke your nose into our house
Make us feel what you think is what is right
Make us into something what we are not
Follow your opinions and have differences
Spoil the peace of mind, that we otherwise have

Our life within those four walls is ours
No society, no relative, no friend is allowed
We know each other better than any of you know us
We know what we want and when we want
We have our terms to keep our life happy

Please let us live by our terms
Our happiness is the only thing that should matter
We know our life, or at least we’ll figure out on our own
Don’t overload us with your point of views
Too many advisers does not make a happy marriage.



Rajendra said...


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Nice one........

Ashok.V.Shetty, Kodlady said...

Its Nice ......

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