Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Just so you know!

The heart you stabbed
Still beats for you
After days and months
It still waits for you
It still lives for you
It still loves you a lot

I miss you when I breath
I miss your scent, I miss your smile
Though you played around
I feel honesty in those sweet nothings
I loved you from the bottom of my heart
You were not sure what it was

I fail to change, fail to move on
I question myself, how did it happen
How could you leave me and my love
How could you hurt me so much
When you cared, you cared too much
And now the lack of it, hurts too much

No matter what you did
I love you like I love God
I am happy I was ever loved by you
I was ever one with you
I still remain loyal to your memory
And stay awake always, waiting for you