Saturday, March 3, 2012

Extra Marital Affair

You are still my desire
My teenage dream girl
My current wife and
Mom of my lovely kids
But I cannot resist
Dreaming about ‘her’

You are homely, perfect wife
I sill and will always love you
But I love ‘her’ too, the one I work with
She is an untamed animal
She is a mystery, an onion
Opens up layer by layer

Don’t you remember falling for him?
The perfect boss you had at work
Yours was a childlike crush,
But mine, a full time love
Till the time you know what I am doing,
You are not hurt, are you?

I am amazed, how I am convinced
That I am not cheating you by loving her
I love you both, she knows it
You are the one I have hidden it from
I am not afraid of you, but your tears
But the blame that you will put on me and hurt yourself

I don’t know how to explain this to you
I love you more but I love her too
It’s not something that you don’t have,
That I have found in her, that pulled me in,
But something you have, that she possesses
Attracts me to her more

To the outside world, I am a cheap cheater,
She is a cheap girl and you are cheated
But I know what I feel, how lovely it is
I find no harm in being loved or in loving someone
I know the never ending need to be loved
I am not sorry for pouring my love on to both of you