Tuesday, June 26, 2012


All of a sudden, it boils down to the point
Leads me to realization of the reality
We just have one life to live, the one we remember
Making it happy & worth living is all that matters

So much luggage on shoulders, from past to future
Junk and burden is too much, valuables is too less
So many people, but only so less of them matter
We make life tangled, twisted and complicated

Love the ones you fall for, expressing it may not matter
Let go, stop being worried, control rarely works
Smile, cherish, and be happy with what you have
Make small things matter, make each moment count

Though we know all of this in the back of our heads
Sometimes, someone has to remind it all over again
Tell something to strike these thoughts once again
And to make us live the life to the fullest


1 comment:

Badarinath Palavalli said...

Its always good for them to start a new thinking anytime and coming back to each other in in time.

Good poem.