Friday, September 21, 2012


Am tying down those flying butterflies
They do not have any business anymore
I have to manage my life with
All the irrevocable damage they have made

Am cutting those wings of my dreams
Which have flown far far away
I need to bring them back and cage them
And feed only seeds of reality

Am hunting down those thoughts that ran
And clear the tracks of past and future
I need to keep my legs on the ground
And stand, before I plan to make any move

There have been multiple realities
All I have is what I had asked for
All I want to be, is also what I have asked for
Now it‘s my turn to turn the tables, to change life’s path

Am turning back to what I wanted to be
And make those dead dreams a reality
My today is what I have made, so is my tomorrow
Let past be the future and current be forgotten


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