Monday, September 3, 2012


Dying fire
No firewood in stock
Am afraid no means
To keep the warmth
I expect the fire to burn
And stay alive

In a hurricane
When the clouds and wind
Have taken over the sky
I expect the sun to shine
To light up the world
To kill the darkness

Music from broken strings
Sweetness from neem
Rainbow in drought
And love from desert
My expectations are always
Always, just wrong

Untamed mind
Runs around
Expecting the impossible
My hurt heart
Keeps crying
Failing to control mind



ದಿನಕರ ಮೊಗೇರ said... water in desert....

R said...

it should be "desert" ;-)

nice flow. liked "Untamed mind, Runs around..."


Rajendra said...

good one!

ಭಾಶೇ said...

Thanks R.

Thanks sir, Dinakar sir :)

Ashok.V.Shetty, Kodlady said...

WOW...Nice One.....Keep writing...