Sunday, November 10, 2013

Azeem Bolar – The HELP

You google his name and you will find enough details about who he is, what he does, how has his life’s journey been and everything. There are a lot of articles, videos, news releases and what not, that tell you about him. Everything you need to know about him is already there. But the question is why would you google about him? How would you know that a man named “Azeem Bolar” exists? Unless you have heard of him or met him and know that he is help.

Not everyone who is in trouble identifies that he is in trouble, and not everyone who knows he is in trouble wants a solution. Most of them just whine about it. There are few, who figure that there is trouble in life, and professional help is needed to solve it. When you are that person, one of the people whom you can reach out to, is Azeem Bolar.

He is blind, but we fail to see what he sees, different perspectives to life. His life itself is a motivational story. His beliefs, his positive and never give up attitude, that itself is enough for someone to feel motivated and positive about life. Also, the detailing that he gives, his talks, makes one think, wakes one up from the slumber and then soothes, lightens and calms down ones troubled mind/heart and helps clear the clouds that blurred ones vision.

“When did you become god?” a question that he asks, that make you think. Think again and again and again and see that you are not God. That question is enough to bring peace back to you and Make you look outside like it is meant to be. Well, I don’t want to write much. You will know the value of something only when it is needed badly. I know it!

Azeem Bolar is help.

Sowmyashree Gonibeedu

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