Thursday, November 14, 2013

Groping – the Menace

As we have progressed, I think people have found new ways to abuse women, new ways to hurt physically, mentally and emotionally. If I were to write about everything I have heard, seen, witnessed or gone through, then I can make another blog on it or make it a series. Well, I do plan to make a series on sexual and other form of abuses though. That’s another day’s discussion, another day’s plan. Now, let’s come back and focus on groping.

The definition on the internet and Wikipedia say it is a form of molestation. A body part is pressed, pinched or rubbed against, without the consent of the person is called groping. You will find a lot of information on what groping is, how it is considered in different countries and so on, on the internet. Well, information is good, but when you are actually in the situation, that is when you will know how it actually feels to be groped.

It’s done in seconds. You are in a crowded place and a hand appears from nowhere and presses your breast. By the time you realize what happened and turn back to see who did it; the person would have vanished in the crowd. Sometimes you get to see his face, or grab his hand to hurt him.

You feel angry, frustrated, agitated, helpless, scared, there is a rush of lot of emotions. You probably try to hit him if you get a chance or otherwise you walk off like nothing happened. Does a lump in your throat appear just as you go through this that you fail to scream, you fail to make it public. Or do you fear that even if you scream, no one cares, no one helps and you think you will be embarrassed?

Why do people do this? Grope? What does one get by this? I have a list of questions actually! Is it an illness? Can this behavior be corrected? Is it based on the upbringing, or is it a mental condition, what is it? Why do people do this? Should one be punished or taken to a doctor?

I think I will hear voices which will say punish them. Getting physical the only form of reaction to such an incident and hit them hard and hurt them so that before they think of groping someone else, they will think 1000 times. However, I think, if they had it in them to think, why would they be doing anything like this? I don’t know. I have heard people tell me they punched that “beeped word” in their face, hit him, hurt him. Yes, you get your anger out, but will that make any difference? Will that make that person not do it again?

Can this be taken to the police? I don’t know this either. Will they take complaint on groping seriously? Or the person who went to complain has to face embarrassment? I don’t know. Would you tell this to your father, brother or husband? Would you tell this to your best buddy? Your girl? What would you do if this happens to you?

This might be going too far, but I think police, psychiatrists/psychologists/counselors and a bunch of young people, in cooperation, should form teams to catch these gropers and get them to the right path. I won’t worry about me, but I worry about my little sister, my best friend, my mom or my daughter who would have to face this. I want to feel safe for me, for them and I want them to feel safe as well. There has to be a way out, it might be case by case basis but there will be things that will be common.

How can we cure this illness from our society?

Sowmyashree Gonibeedu

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Rajendra said...

The cure, if at all, is a long term one. Not easy.