Thursday, July 2, 2009

I hate him

I hate him

coz he is so charming

attractive and interesting

coz he is a nice human being

I hate him

coz he didn't notice me any time

coz his smile was so spare

coz he was so rarely seen

I hate him

coz I was attracted

coz I wanted to be noticed

coz I wasn't able to explain him

I hate him

coz I like him

coz I hoped to be in his circle

coz he left me incomplete




Good, once you hate him, definitely it is the beginning. Next you start adoring him. Good luck

ಭಾಶೇ said...


No possibilities sir.

I took a small incident and wrote this poem on my imaagination.

Nothing else.

And by the way am married. :D


VENU VINOD said...

really nice one...
i think hate is the begining of evrything...
good poem Bhashe

ಭಾಶೇ said...

Thank you Vinod.

Saxena said...

You can hate someone for leaving you incomplete...

Nice ending!