Friday, July 10, 2009

One night in and around Athena – The Leela galleria discotheque

On last Saturday evening, me and my hubby Prabbhu left home at 8 Pm. We reached Ms. S1’s place by 8:30 where Ms. S2 and Mr. A were waiting for us. We chilled out there for some time, got ourselves warmed up for the party mood and went to Athena.

As we had gone there in bike, we parked it in the adjacent road which is a parking area (where normally all Leela visitors park their bikes) and went inside. Prabhu has been parking his bike there since long. He also left his helmet in the safety lock as usual.

Athena, as usual was partly crowded at 9:30. Though DJ Shash (hope this is the right spelling, he is called so all the time, don’t know his full name) was inside, he was not playing music. It was just the warm up music which was played and we were standing, sitting, moving around, and waiting for Shash to start. After a long warm up secession, at 10:30, DJ started with his house music. By this time Athena was fully crowded and ready to rock.

Some known songs remixed, some new ones, hmmm… it started. Every body was dancing and screaming and having fun. Prabhu and Mr. A started with their regular steps. They forgot that they have come with their partners and were dancing with each other. We three girls, with no better option (as our partners were busy) were a group.

I could see bottles and shots going around and getting empty, packets of fire getting burnt what not? Some were clicking photos, some were looking for partners, some were just watching and some dancing like hell, lot of show offs, the ones who have a partner in hand were also looking for some new ones, all that which happens in a regular discotheque.

Till 12, one and a half hours of amazing music, we all were sweated in there. Now all pains slowly showed up as a result of marathon dancing. Party was over and every one started moving out.

I could see broken bottles, spilled drinks, “not able to walk” people and bouncers and friends helping them out of the place. Happy and relaxed we went to the parking lot.

After reaching parking lot, we used the first method of searching his bike. Look for a black pulsar, having a helmet on its back. We walked the whole stretch but couldn’t locate. Now the second method – look for the number. Yes here it is… but… are… there is no helmet!!!

I know you all have seen the regular helmet lock used in bikes. If you have not, see this.

This is what Prabhu had in his bike too.

We went close and realized that the helmet lock was broken. First I thought it should be water tanker, which was standing there, might have come close and the helmet lock got broke. Thinking that the helmet would be lying on the floor I searched for it. But for our shock we saw most of the bikes parked there have had their locks broken and helmets vanished. Oppps… I can’t believe it. In this area, next to Leela, helmets are stolen.

Our entire good mood with high energy went down. Cursing the thieves, Prabhu opens the bike lock. And again petrol indicator has gone 3 points below. Heights!!! We head to the one and only hotel which stays open late nights, close to MG road, to get food.

At Ms. S1’s place again, in the after party mood, we all eat, play games and head back home. Prabhu’s eyes, for the first time, was getting filled with tears, as he rode the bike, due to high speed and cold wind at 3 in the night, in the empty stretch of ring road. We can’t stop cursing those thieves. Prabhu decides that he will park the bike in Ms. S1’s place, which is very close by, next time on.

Next morning, Prabhu buys a new helmet and a new wire helmet lock (which comes with either a key or number lock) and makes sure his helmet stays safe. Now I understand what “parking at your own risk” means.



kanasu said...

ohhhh god! tats bad!!

ಭಾಶೇ said...

Yea dear!

Ravs said...

I feel since Prabhu (I assume) was also looking forsome new ones (even with a partner in hand) and even dancing without you, you should have stayed back in the parking arena guarding the helmet.

ಭಾಶೇ said...


You assumption of Prabhu looking for other females is wrong.
He was not dancing with me does not mean I was not having fun in there.
And if I had stayed back in the parking lot, I wouldn't have had anything to write.

Now that we have learnt a lesson we will not park our bike in the same place again. If you go there do the same.

Otherwise u also may come up with another post in u r blog.



It has become common in Bangalore. Take due care to park your vehicle in a safe place whenever you visit such place next time. Your experience is a lesson for others too.