Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Adult Play Area

Last Saturday me and my friend Sam met and were hanging out. I had loads of things to tell and Sam was all ears. We met near the St. Marks road bus stop in the evening and as we had to leave early, we thought of spending time walking around the place having all possible junk available around.

We started with a pista badam kulfi and about my new look. After that we moved to have something spicy as kulfi was too much sweet and wanted to change the taste of our tongue. Moved to a “Matka Pani poori” vendor close by. We spoke about my spicy poems having the spicy paani poori.

On our way back to the bus stop we saw a very small park. At first it seemed that its not open, but when we went close, we found that it was open. We saw that only an elderly lady was inside, but found out later that a kid was playing inside.

As we stepped inside the park first thing we noticed is 2 swings hanging empty. I screamed out of joy and told Sam, “hey, lets sit on that and talk”. Sam warned me telling that some one will ask us to get up as its for kids, but agreed to sit.

We moved from my poems to some other very interesting topic (sorry! cannot be disclosed) and our chat got spicier. I went on and on with the stuff and Sam had a bright and naughty smile listening to my analysis.

Meanwhile 2 guards came and asked us to get up and sit somewhere else vacating the swing. In few minutes they asked us to vacate as they were about to close the park..
On our way back I saw the board near swing saying “play area for kids below 12 years only”.

We had plenty of other things to talk, we went on and on, having some fresh fruit juice. After good number of reminder calls from our care takers we waved goodbye to each other after this looooong meet. On my way back home, while I was recalling the chat and laughing at myself, that board popped up in my thoughts. Why play area only for kids below 12 years and not for adults?

Are the adults supposed to kill the kids inside them after 12? Even now I go mad on those swings and see-saw when ever I see it. I keep watching those kids who play, wishing I could do it. I will have it in the back of my mind that if I go and play some or the other will come and will ask me to leave the place. So why half satisfy myself? I go fully disappointed.

I would wish, recommend, pray and love to have adult play area. Age no bar, weight no bar. All those fun games that kids play, we should be able to play. See-saw's should not break if 2 people weighing 125 kg sit on them. I would always want to keep that kid inside me alive by doing all these kiddish things.

We stop being naughty and stop being kids after crossing certain age. Though it is very individual, mostly it happens. Responsibilities take over our minds that we get stuck in those things and stop being happy for small things. If I sit on a swing and keep swinging for a long time, that would keep the smile on my intact for at least 2 days. So why should I be deprived of such happiness?

Dig inside, get our naughty quotient high and start being a kid some time of your day. You will laugh more, live more will for sure get more out of life.




Vishal said...

Well...I agree. Its the child that keeps the adult alive :)

U go ahead and design such a play area and I will be amongst the first to come and play.

Sarvesh said...

Hey nice idea...Though there are some problems...The costs of such a thing are pretty high..Just to name a few;
a) A doctor(present all the time)- to cure broken bones
b) An ambulance- to move patients (players) quickly to the hospital
c) Extra sturdy play things (probably made of the toughest metal) - To bear the enormous weight that they are gonna be subjected under
d) Juice corners, healthy foods corner etc to be maintained - to help adults maintain their stamina

Now you get , why we do not have adult playing areas!!!!LOL....:)

The Inner Side of "ME" said...

Nice thought

kanasu said...

hahahahahahahahahahahah the number goes...... "1002" lol :P