Saturday, October 23, 2010

Afraid of Falling for You

I turn down every chance to meet you
I am afraid I will fall in love
I rarely talk to you and have short talks
I am afraid I will fall for your sweet voice
I am afraid I will love your smile
And go mad about your attitude

I just sit far and watch you
Watch you spread the joy everywhere
Watch you, colorful human being
Loving, caring, sweet, soft being
Watch you smile, watch you talk
And hold myself back just to watch you

You come in my dreams and I day dream
Think of your charisma and beauty
Get afraid, I would fall for you
Divert my mind and get busy
But your personality has left an impression
You always stay in my heart

Is it fine if I fall for you?
Will you be able to digest this?
I do not want to become tears in your eyes
All I want is to see you happy always
I stand in shadow and watch you always
Pray for your happiness and hope to see you always