Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Pack your bags my love, will miss you sweetheart

This is a journey inside a journey
A war within a war
At the turning point you are standing
You have to choose a way

Your conscious decision to leave something
People join and leave while you travel
Some say, they want to be with you, no matter what
Life is uncertain, change is only common

You left behind someone to join someone else
You were sure of your decision when you made it
This is another turning point, where I speak
Where I ask you to chose a path, with me or not

Pack your bags my love and leave me
If you have no more love for me, but love another
Don’t cheat me on my back and cause pain
I won’t ask you a question if you leave

I won’t ask you what she got that I don’t
I won’t cry and mess, or fight and hurt
Just don’t hurt me with you lies and fake smiles
We can behave like two mature individuals

I wish you luck and wish myself the same
Let our journey give us surprises
I will miss you for sure, for sharing my life for so long
But with a hope to have a better tomorrow.