Tuesday, March 6, 2012


You live in limits
These many hours of work
This much spending on this thing
These many hours of sleep and these many kisses

I know no limits
I want to take the whole world in my arms
I want to buy the most precious pearls
I want the love to go on and on

You loved this passion in me
I loved how organized you were
You loved the madness and rush
I loved the peace and calm

We fell in love with each other
Now we attempt to live together
The passion you loved in me looks mess
The organized I loved in looks time table

We attempt to change each other like the other
And fail, fighting and falling apart
Our own qualities take priority over love
Leaving us hating the mess we create

It’s tough when two opposites meet
And tougher to get along with minimum fights
Toughest to keep increasing love for each other
And that’s how marriage stories grow.


1 comment:

Rajendra said...

Very true, yet many survive and thrive.