Monday, May 4, 2009

Good Bye

He waved his hands
I thought he will come back
I thought I will have some more happy time with him
I thought we are departing to get-together

When ever you say bye
to some one you have liked, lived,
keep their face, smile, smell alive with you
never loose it thinking that you will meet again

He life that day, I was not sad
I was happy planning for our next meet
How will I know he left me forever
I didn't store that last smile in my memory

He just left, I moved on
I don't cry for loosing him, no pain,
It just strikes my mind, if I had known
if I had known, that's the last time
I would have told him a lot from my heart

I didn't tell him I love him
I didn't tell him I will miss him
I didn't tell him about that naughty sweet dream
about that little desire, that great memory

He just left that day, I was feeling lonely
it took weeks for me to realize am alone
I just didn't tell him not to go, I didn't took a photo
I wish I had spoken, I wish I was open
all that remains with me is the pain of being late.


Anonymous said...

Are we privelleged to know, who is "He" ma'am !??!?!

Bhashe said...

It's just am imagination. Please don't think everything written in this blog has happened in my life. ;D

Thanks for the comment Anonymous.

kanasu said...

hmmmmm!!! madam opend a blog and didnt tel me :O well well
tats a nice blog there..
keep updating unlike me.. :)

BhaShe said...

Hey dear Kanasu,

was bout mail all frnz but got delayed.

Tnx for visiting!


Keerti said...

hey this poem is quiet touching! kool one :)

The Inner Side of "ME" said...

Really touching....If it is actually an imagination, it is wonderful. Very few people get such a strong imagination power