Monday, May 4, 2009

Wanna hug my dad

I just wanna hug my dad tightly
and sit on his lap quietly
I know it's not gonna be d same later
I will be married, first a wife then a daughter

Tears just roll out, when I just think
I have to leave behind my home, [parents and things,
I know, life with my beloved will be beautiful
but obvious I will miss my life and my spinsterhood,

New phase in life, whole lot of responsibilities,
I am no more a kid, I cannot be what I used to be,
I will become stranger to my own relations,
so many changes at a time in my life, I feel soo weak

I wanna stay as my dad's dear son forever
I wanna be a kid and laugh loud always
I just wanna be the daughter of Gonibeedu, my native,
I love what I ma right now, I donno how the new change will be.


Anonymous said...

There shud be a change in each and everyone's life. Welcome it with open arms

Anonymous said...

"but obvious I will miss my life and my spinsterhood"...
a daring statement ...
ha ha ha ha

Keerti said...

Again a good one! m sure every gal can relate to this :)