Friday, October 26, 2012


If all those stones I threw had reached you
You would have melted like an ice cube
If you had heard those painful songs of my heart
You would have taken me in to your world
If you had held my hands at every emotional moment
Our hands would have become one and glued forever

You are god, omnipresent, the one who sees and knows it all
Am just a human, you have made me with lot of emotions
All I want is to be back in your arms, loved by you
And to know that you are with me forever, no matter what
But all I hear from you is silence, ignorance and avoidance
How should I survive?
When I don’t know
Whether the one I love, loves me back or not,

Give me the capacity to live, when you are silent
Give me the courage to take the pain when you ignore me
Make me stronger to face it when you avoid me
And have a smile on my face and light many more

I am in the quest of finding you and reaching you
And when I do, I have questions to ask
I want to carry a face, to which you would answer
And make you fall in love with me once and forever
Are you listening, my love?
Give me one sign that says you are still with me.


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