Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Becoming Strangers

We were strangers,
Wish we had remained that way,
The curiosity about each other
The eagerness to know
The excitement of knowing
Spending time with each other
Every day, every minute
The awareness scale increased

Today, we are again strangers
But half known to each other
So much anger and pain
So much of miscommunication
So much misunderstanding
Every conversation is a fight
Jokes are taken seriously
And life has become a joke

What all broke in this transition
Countless promises, couple of hearts
Many smiles are dead, silence is silenced
So much told, so much to tell
Half complete sentences all around
The chirpiness has died, so has fun
Sharing has been forgotten long ago
It’s now a walk on the grave yard

Will we ever be friends again?
Will you ever crack those silly jokes?
Will I ever laugh at them like I did?
Can it become as fresh as it was?
Questions list keeps going
Answers are afraid to come closer,
As we have turned out to be now,
Walk away as strangers to each other.


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