Monday, October 22, 2012

Just the way you asked me to…

Am with you just the way you asked me to
Staying by your decision, doing what you ask
Sharing only things that you’d want me to
Putting my joys and sorrows behind the mask

You know I too have a heart which feels
Hiding my emotions is a difficult task
I’ll always be in love with you but
I know, knowing you, anything is too much to ask

Knowing I don’t matter, no more,
I still take steps towards you
I run, I hide, and I let those minutes pass
When am about to say how much I love you

You are sugar coated poison
Sweet to start but death is the fact
I am glued to you, inseparable
What an irony, or is it gods act

I will always be with you
When you stretch your hand to reach
Those promises, feeling and emotions are true
But my limitations, am not going to breach


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