Monday, October 15, 2012

Steps to His House

Sometimes it rains unintentionally
Brings up the forgotten wind
Sometimes the Gods speak when they are kind
Sometimes what is lost is not to find
But to unwind, and join its own kind
Sometimes it’s just heart not mind

When he speaks, winds blow
Carrying the message nice and slow
Let those dried leaves and clouds follow
In the sunset, when it’s all mellow
It’s not for all, not for none, fellow
Only open ears comprehend and swallow

It gets inside like melting sugar
No efforts required, no trigger
Peace inside grows bigger and bigger
No matter what you are, rich or beggar
Light never discriminates, neither the giver
All that melts in makes one, only better

Easy to miss when his voice passes by
In so many voices that has spread around the sky
Let those rains and wind tell when it is close by
Let the stars twinkle when the sky is dry
Let the doors to heart be open, ears and eye
Let his voice be heard and message convey

When he has been heard, world turn around
Freedom from all those that is bound
Realization of life, what goes comes around
When in his shelter, no other sound is found
Let go those lies, false ego and pride
When surrendered, his voice will all be heard


1 comment:

Rajendra said...

Lovely poem, Sowmya.