Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Your Happiness Matters

When you fight your battles
Struggle with wounds and scars
Make your own choices
And agree or disagree to live with them
Your happiness is what I desire

When you decide to stay on longer
Or move out and start afresh
Make mistakes but learn from it
Get hurt but raise like a phoenix
Your happiness counts the most

When I see you happily being in pain
Learning lessons from what is past
Move on with life and enjoy what you do
I forget your sufferings and cherish your success
Your happiness is what I seek

I am concerned about your sufferings
I cry when I see you go through pain
I wish to jump and help you out all the way
But I restrain to see how you cope up
Your happiness is what makes me sustain

I don’t want to help you and spoil the lesson
Don’t want to jump and snatch your comfort
Don’t want to handhold and imprison you
But let you go your way, with happiness
As your happiness is the only thing that matters


1 comment:

Ritesh said...

Very beautiful ! I wanted to say this to someone but did not have said it so simply !