Monday, July 2, 2012

Online Store Ads


Kids with adult voices, witty with innocence makes this ad very likeable. Be it the laptop ad, or the one emphasizing on payment on delivery or the faultlessness of the products, these ads are just entertaining.
The laptop ad where 2 cute gals are in a parlor getting their face and hair done, talk about boyfriends and gifts. Expressions of these cuties are so good, that too when one asks the other “kahan hai smarty aaj kal?” is amazing. The voices used are very expressive and say it all.
The one emphasizing on “cash on delivery” where the elder generation dad is not ready to pay online and two guys talk about that, the pause and stare at the fellow female colleague, smartly done.
Latest one talking about, decide looking at a photo/image of the product and relating that to yesteryear marriages, is also very good. The concept, expressions, voices, costume, too good. I won’t change the channel when these ads are on.
Also the one that tells that faulty product will be replaced, using the wrong remote, so natural and happens with day to day life. So nicely done.

I think this has made an influence on Indian buyers already. I see a lot of my colleagues shopping online for books, shoes, clothes now. They select T-shirts, customize them and get it delivered to office and pay. Books are also bought online and it has cost advantage too. sometimes, if not for shopping, these websites are checked to know the new styles and brands and what suits the best with the budget. Sometimes, when these sites are browsed for checking and education purpose, some online shopping also happens.

Flipkart is not the only player in the market with a creative ad. There is zabong, myntra, so many coming up now. But I think flipkart has the first mover advantage and with its strong ad campaign with unique ads, it has grabbed the top of the mind recall space of large audience. Not just online shops, but also the ones where used items are sold, are taking a stronger portion of the shopping basket of an Indian. Looks like a picking up trend, not just with tech savvy guys, but also with normal people.

I welcome more such creative ads and enjoy watching them.

Sowmyashree Gonibeedu


Badarinath Palavalli said...

Good informative article. :)

Rajendra said...

I like them too.