Saturday, July 21, 2012


You tell me you are there when I need you
How would I know that you are what I need?
I love you so much, that I need you always

How do I know when all should I reach you?
Emotional, mental, physical, financial, what crisis?
Are you the number I should put on emergency contact?

What would you do when I reach you in need?
Listen to all my sad stories and console me?
Provide solutions or be the solution to my problems?

How will you relate to me or to my problems
When you are not in touch and are long gone
When I reach you only when am in need and not otherwise

What if, you are not able to be there when I need you?
How would I take that additional disappointment?
Complain about your non-availability with you??!!

Would I need you when am happy or is it only for pain?
How many times would you wipe off my tears with patience?
Won’t you drift away, bored of being my punching bag?

You tell me you are there when I need you
Will you really be there? How can I believe you?
Being just a phone call away is not being there always…