Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Secret Temptation - Ad

“Sorry boys”, that’s what the ad says, but sorry ‘secret temptation’, your current ad on how to get a gift from a boy is lame.

I was upset watching this ad. Are we not in the century where women is independent, self sufficient, strong and level headed? Using a deodorant to attract a boy is different, and that we have seen in some ads, but to get gifts from him, how insensitive is that? Is this ad trying to portray that girls are cheap and do this to get gifts from boys? I think it is a very generalized and inappropriate remark on women.

Look at the ad once again. Starts with “how to get a gift from boys”. Wearing ‘secret temptation’ is the way to do. So, to get a gift, that too from somebody you work with, go to him and tell him that the gift was good. When he is puzzled about the complement, tell him it might be the other guy in the office. WOW!! How does people come up with such mean ideas? And again, it works, the guy gets a gift box. Superb!

Can’t we have some more sensible ways to advertise the product?

This, for me, is a very B‘Ad’!

Sowmyashree Gonibeedu


Dr.D.T.Krishna Murthy. said...

The in a bad taste really.

Rajendra said...

Some ad guys are mad, I guess.