Monday, July 16, 2012

Being Krishna

You have been named after a wrong god
Neither creator nor the demolisher you are,
You are the naughty and the nice, Krishna

You are tall, dark and attractive like him
Long and strong arms that could
Go around any girl for seven rounds

Same innocence on your face
With deep and lit eyes
And cute and naughty smile

Your eyes speak as if they never lie
Your smile lights up any dull face
Your lips are like the fresh petals of roses

When you look or talk
It’s no less than music from flute
Girls gather around you

They give you all they have
You are at liberty to choose
You make all of them happy

A kiss to one and a hug to another
Just hold hands and walk otherwise
You give what any girl wants and desires

You have some magic in you
That makes any and every girl want you
It’s like nature, and you obey its rules

Does that make you a bad boy, a flirt
No it does not, as you are capable of
Being with only that girl, who is with you

Will you ever belong to anybody?
Will you ever commit your heart to one?
Guess, you are never a one women man

How can you commit, when you have had so many
How can you be loyal, when the world is just beauty
How will you stop, when you are offered great pleasure

Who cares about loyalty and commitment
When you are so charming and amazing
All that one can get is a great deal

You never hurt anybody
Or deny and disappoint any pleasure
You are what is called ‘making everyone happy’

How right or how wrong is that
Is not my question to ask
No one seems to have acquired that right on you

You are a messenger from the Gods of Love
Or is it the Gods of Lust, Sex and Temptation
But you are not human, that’s all I know

You provide with what is natural
You make anybody’s world a better place
You spread love, peace and happiness

I do not wish to wish you anything
You have all that anybody asks for
All I say is, it’s lovely to see love around



Badarinath Palavalli said...

A different poem from you.

So Nice. :-)

Anonymous said...

the thought of presenting it in rhymes made me try this...

Being Krishna

you're neither the creator, nor destroyer
but you've been named after a god
whose pranks and cunning tricks
have earned him the name 'Fraud'

you're tall, dark, and handsome
and have those long and strong arms
that embrace the beautiful women
making them fall for your charms

those calm and brightly lit eyes
pour out every form of innocence
and that smirk on your rosy lips
makes me forget my very existence

the language that your eyes speak
is nothing but the purest form of truth
the soothing smile on thy face
is truly a gift of your joyous youth

to see you itself is a sight
and hearing you speak is music
when they're not in your company
poor girls- how they fall sick!

what in the world they do not give up
just to make you happy and pleased
though you should choose one of them
you prefer to get all of them appeased!

at times a word, at times a touch
and at times a sugary sweet kiss
a long walk, or just an embrace
to a girl- you are the ultimate bliss!

why does every girl want you?
what magic do you possess?
or is it just mother nature,
and her rules that you profess?

you’re with women all the time
does that make you a flirt, cheat, or proud?
no it doesn't make you any, as you pick
only one at a time in that entire crowd!

does anybody ever own you?
or do you ever belong to anyone?
have you ever fallen in love with someone?
i guess the answer is: "NONE"!

how can you be loyal to someone when
the choices are many and great
how can you be a committed lover when
‘having fun’ is what's been written in your fate

for a charmer like you
the words 'love' & 'loyalty' must be fun
all that you want is to
get the 'other thing' soon done

'one for all, all for one',
has always been your principle
how can you even hurt someone,
when your plot is this simple?

to know what is right and what is wrong
is certainly not my question
neither is someone else's
as you aren't anybody's prized possession

you can't be human; an angel? a messenger?
whom the gods of love have sent on to earth?
or are you the god of passion and lust himself?
here i beg you, please tell me the truth

it seems spreading happiness is your job
and you do make everyone feel better
using lots of love, peace, and care
you coat one's life with honey and sugar

i don't want to wish you anything else
as you already have the best things in life
it's lovely to see you spreading love
and in that i shall let my happiness rife!


hope there hasn't been too much deviation from the intended meaning!


ಭಾಶೇ said...

Dear R,

How awesome is that? Wow!

You made my poem sound so better... you have turned it around! :D

Hat's off to your creativity.

Amazing it is... Thanks a ton! :D

Anonymous said...