Friday, July 6, 2012

Perfume: The story of a........ (unusual boy)

This one, I watched it long time back.

While switching channels I caught up with this one, and it interested me, so watched it completely. Majority of my movie watching happens like this. I watch TV very much, but follow very few programs, and that leaves me with switching lot of channels and watching a lot of movies. Anyway, let’s leave that part there.

This orphan boy with amazing capacities to identify smells is the concept of the movie. He can smell things from distance and say what it is. I was thrilled by the concept itself. How can one think that people can have supernatural capacities in smelling and that to be taken as a concept for a movie. He grows up without exploring the world. When he does, the movie takes it turns.

I knew that all of us have our own smell. I figured it when I was in school when I was with my cousin. She is a very beautiful girl and she had/has an amazing smell. It’s not her soap, not perfume, or anything she uses. It’s her natural smell. This point was proven when I read a survey/study that said the more beautiful the girls are, better their perfume is. Some blindfolded test and sampling and everything was done to come to this result. I agree that we have our own natural perfume.

Coming back to the movie, when this grown up comes out of the factory he was working with and goes out to another city, he finds so many smells that he is thrilled. His life changes. He finds out how to make perfumes and whatever he does is a huge success. The smell we carry does have an influence on other people, and hence the perfumes he creates, became always wanted and they make this boy learn new tricks and new things about life. He goes out in search of perfumes and whatever he does to create the most perfect perfume is what is the concept of the movie.

Shot nicely, beautiful places, good acting and good hold on the script. I would love to watch this movie any number of times.

Sowmyashree Gonibeedu


Badarinath Palavalli said...

Nice writeup. :)

Which movie is this?

Anonymous said...

"Perfume: The Story of a Murderer" the movie.

what an amazing movie! what an amazing movie! it is so unfortunate that many of the wonderfully shot movies go unnoticed.

well if i'm not wrong, the story goes like this: the protagonist experiments and succeeds in capturing the scents of animals. for that he had to kill those animals. then he extends his method to beautiful girls and capturing their scents, thereupon killing them. once he kills a very beautiful girl and by the time he prepares the perfume made out of her body, soldiers arrest him. they sentence him to death. on the day of his execution, he puts just a drop of her perfume on himself. that perfume would be so divine that it captivates everyone. they release him under the spell of that perfume.

walking free, he finds that it is not possible for him to live like a normal man. he thinks that the longer he lives, the more girls he will kill. so he decides to kill himself. he goes to a slum and pours the remaining perfume over his head. attracted by the scent, the slum dwellers think that he must be an angel, and eat him alive. the movie ends there.

great story, wonderful acting, and superb flow! i still wonder why it didn't win even a single Oscar...

"This point was proven when I read a survey/study that said the more beautiful the girls are, better their perfume is...."-------> i would be very grateful if you could kindly let me know where exactly did you read this. this seems to be very interesting...


ಭಾಶೇ said...

Story is a little different, though it conveys what happens in the story. IMDB or Wiki should give the complete story.

Dear R,

Am sorry but I don't remember where I read that article. It was long back and it might be a news paper, or something on tv or net.