Friday, July 27, 2012


This one says, he is 60 , she is 18, some love stories are never meant to be understood. May I make a claim to have understood the love story?

This is another unusual types of movies in bollywood. Starring Mr. Big B, Revathi and Jiah khan. It is shot in a very beautiful location and made me fall in love with the place where it is shot.

Am not going to write the plot, as that you can get on google any minute. So…, Jia seems to have had a rough childhood missing her dad. Her mom is a divorcee and is now moved to living with another man. Jia hates her step dad. She is a very free spirited girl… like an 18 year old should be. Careless, free, fun, witty, attractive and sexy. She has interest in writing and has a dairy where she writes her poems and hides it from the world.

Vijay, is a 50+ish old photographer. He owns a tea estate and his house is in the midst of the estate. Amazing natural beauty. He treks around capturing the beauty of nature in his camera. Happily (??) married for 27 years. His daughters friend is Jia.

Jia comes to Vijya’s place for holidays. She has some strange kind of interest in Vijay. Very easily some girls show interest in elder men and change their world bit by bit till it actually turns upside down. Here too it happens that way. This starts with Vijay capturing the beauty of Jia in his camera, while she was playing with water. Jia looks really amazing, attractive and sexy to his eyes. She notices him clicking her picture and forces him to show them to her. They get close with each other slowly and steadily.

I think because she missed the love of her father, she tried to get close with Vijay to get that love she missed. But when you are beautiful and sexy and attractive, and you are asking for love, coziness and comfort from a man, it can easily be mistaken. Vijay has some strange attraction towards this young girl. The story moves forward, keeping one engaged. Anybody can guess the plot looking at the title and poster. It is that predictable, but the story line is very tight and keeps the audience involved.

There is an element of lustful love that appears between these two. They do pillow fight, share poetry, develop images together, they get cozy but the feelings attached keep changing and growing. They say, love cannot be hided, no matter what. That’s what happens here too. After this, there is a lot of drama.

What made me like this movie is the concept that an 18 year old girl, who tries to find father’s love in a 50+ old man and falls in love with him. As she is free and naughty, she does not hesitate to get intimate with him and kiss him. She does not hesitate to show him how young and beautiful she is. Show him how sexy she is. Also, how easily the old man’s life is turned around, learning an 18 year old girl has fallen for him. He dresses up better, keeps up a happy mood, he cherishes every second he spends with her.

What happens in the end is a tragedy. I cannot think of a better ending though. She comes like tsunami in his life and goes off like a tornado. This movie is WOW!

Sowmyashree Gonibeedu

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Suprabha Nithin said...

good one sowmya.. could not watch it completely.. now i read ur review n its like i recalled the whole movie..